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Built: Circa 1920-1970's

Building size: 700,000 square feet

This unique building group has been fully converted from a former industrial and manufacturing complex to a modern campus and headquarters for Bio-Techne, a world leader in biotechnology and medical research. The original buildings were individually constructed from 1920-1971 and utilized by Land-O-Lakes. In 1982, Hillcrest began to purchase these properties and undertake the complex process of updating them for modern purposes. Soon after, Bio-Techne moved into an initial 20,000 square feet of space. With Bio-Techne’s needs in mind, Hillcrest has now transformed this building complex into a beautiful and functional campus.

Today, Bio-Techne is now the owner of this building group, which consists of approximately 435,000 square feet of fully renovated laboratory, research and development, biotech production, corporate, and support space. In response to Techne’s evolving needs, Hillcrest has constructed new buildings and strategically linked together eight buildings to create an efficient and inspiring headquarters and campus. The success of Bio-Techne is attributed to its people, equipment, and facilities. Hillcrest is proud to provide Techne with ongoing development, construction services, and day-to-day facilities management.

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