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9th street center




Address: 575-701 9th Street 

Built: Circa 1910-1950's

Building size: Approximately 223,000 SF

Home to: Minneapolis Cider Company 

575-701 Ninth St. NE is a complex of 9 buildings constructed from 1910 through the 1950s, was initially home to a variety of heavy industrial uses, mainly for manufacturing of products including furniture, window and door production.


Hillcrest purchased the 9th Street Center nearly 20-years ago (1999) in large part to serve as the home for our anchor tenant (The Thymes) who had outgrown another building/space we leased to them during the early stages of their business. Over the ensuing years, we have renovated the remainder of the complex, creating a modern, cohesive campus that offers flexibility and functionality for a wide range of companies/uses. We carefully restored much of the original brick and timber surfaces, added modern infrastructure including mechanical systems, light fixtures, a stylish interior/exterior color scheme, and new (primarily operable) windows that flood the spaces with natural light.


9th Street Center has consistently had high occupancy, with a variety of diverse tenants ranging from office, commercial studio, fitness/wellness, and retail, to manufacturing warehouse uses. Due to the large size and different types of space in the complex, we have helped many of our tenants grow (and stay) at 9th Street Center. We continue to evolve the interior and exterior to meet the changing needs (and aesthetic preferences) of the market and our tenants, seeking to maintain the vibrant community within the campus. 

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