Hillcrest Development, LLLP specializes in commercial renovation to suit our clients' facility needs for office, technology, biomedical research, warehousing, light assembly, manufacturing, and other commercial purposes. This gallery showcases several of our current and past projects, offering "before" and "after" views for comparison.

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Crown Center: New Blu Dot Headquarters

The latest and final restoration of the Crown Iron Works site houses the new headquarters for Blu Dot. Hillcrest redeveloped this decaying industrial space for the modern furniture design firm Blu Dot as an expansion upon their existing 15,520 square foot office and showroom, which is a 33 percent growth from the existing space now totaling 36,058 square feet. Once used to assemble military airplane wings during World War II, the factory space had suffered decades of heavy usage, poor maintenance, pollution, automotive uses, and damage. This was the final area of Crown Center building to undergo renovation.

Hillcrest took special care to create a space that is modern, functional, and attractive for Blu Dot. Floor-to-ceiling glass separates individual office spaces, and unique “floating” conference rooms in structures along the center of the space. Specialized finishes were used to highlight the contrast between the dark exposed ceiling joists and the fine trusses, as well as to unify the various surface materials. The original steel cutting machine remains in the space as a found architectural element. The glossy refinished concrete floor and exposed brick echo the historic nature of this once-industrial space, while wood panels, shelving, new skylights help warm the space.