Hillcrest Development, LLLP specializes in commercial renovation to suit our clients' facility needs for office, technology, biomedical research, warehousing, light assembly, manufacturing, and other commercial purposes. This gallery showcases several of our current and past projects, offering "before" and "after" views for comparison.

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The 575 9th Street building is part of a large complex of creative industrial buildings known as the 900 6th Street Complex. The complex is comprised of approximately 9 buildings that were constructed from 1910 to approximately 1950’s. The 575 building was built in stages from 1910 to 1950.

Prior to 2013, the 575 building had one primary warehouse Tenant that was a reseller of specialized construction equipment parts. In late 2012, we began a major renovation of the approximately 110,000 SF at 575 9th Street SE. Renovation included adding infrastructure, rain gardens, and new glass. One year later, the building is now home to a wide range of Tenants including the rock climbing teaching facility: Midwest Climbing Academy.