Hillcrest Development, LLLP specializes in commercial renovation to suit our clients' facility needs for office, technology, biomedical research, warehousing, light assembly, manufacturing, and other commercial purposes. This gallery showcases several of our current and past projects, offering "before" and "after" views for comparison.

Click on the project names to access the gallery. To view the "before" photos in the gallery, roll your mouse over the "after" photos.

5300 Edina Ind. Blvd.

Hillcrest revitalized this suburban building in 2000. Originally, both the interior and exterior of the building suffered from out-dated appearances and limited functionality. To modernize the exterior, we replaced the slender 1970s “gun shot” windows with large window units better suited for contemporary users. Additional structural and aesthetic changes further improved the exterior. What was once a tired, empty, building now boasts new infrastructure, new HVAC, and updated electrical systems. The result of this renovation is a modern, attractive, functional building that is now home to a major radio station and other commercial tenants.


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