Hillcrest Development, LLLP specializes in commercial renovation to suit our clients' facility needs for office, technology, biomedical research, warehousing, light assembly, manufacturing, and other commercial purposes. This gallery showcases several of our current and past projects, offering "before" and "after" views for comparison.

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5121 Winnetka Ave N

What a difference a year makes…

In the summer of 2010, Scott Tankenoff, the Managing Partner of Hillcrest Development, toured the industrial warehouse at 5121 Winnetka Avenue North in New Hope. Beneath its dreary appearance, Tankenoff recognized opportunity.

In many ways, the 5121 Winnetka Avenue North building was a mess—a contaminated, inefficient, underutilized property, and a blight on the surrounding neighborhood. Years of use as a ceramics manufacturing center had left significant lead contamination. Insufficient maintenance and poor layouts had created unattractive and dysfunctional spaces. Yet the building’s size, core physical characteristics, and location hinted at a greater potential. As specialists in contaminated site redevelopment, Hillcrest understood the logistics of rehabilitating such a challenging property, and knew the building could be a success—and help revitalize the neighborhood, too.

That fall, with the guidance of the Smitten Group, Hillcrest approached the City of New Hope to see what assistance it could offer. The City of New Hope quickly saw this as an opportunity to work with Hillcrest to create a model process for redeveloping vulnerable or vacant properties.

In the winter of 2010-2011, Hillcrest and the City of New Hope applied for funding from the Metropolitan Council’s Livable Communities program. The Livable Communities program supports healthy communities through funding affordable housing initiatives, mixed-use redevelopment, and the clean up of brownfields and other polluted sites. Competition for the brownfield cleanup funds is extremely competitive, the 5121 Winnetka project scored high enough to receive a grant totaling $443,150 from the Tax Base Revitalization Account (TBRA).

After much intense work, Hillcrest was thrilled to re-opening the 5121 Winnetka building the Spring of 2011. With the Livable Communities funding, as well as the environmental expertise of Braun Intertec, Hillcrest was able to clean up the pollution and redevelop the site within just five months.

Today, a visitor to 5121 Winnetka will see what Tankenoff imagined: a completely re-designed, bright, clean, attractive, functional and healthy work space. The renovated building has already secured new tenants and brought dozens of new jobs to the community.

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