Environmental Expertise

Hillcrest Development is an expert in both environmental remediation and sustainability.


Environmental Remediation

Hillcrest Development has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the environmental remediation of polluted and blighted properties. We have a reputation for successfully revitalizing properties that most other developers will not even touch. Whether it is polluted building or sites, we have developed the skills to mitigate and resolve the most complex issues, including soil contamination and water run-off issues. Hillcrest also excels at unraveling the associated challenges in project planning and timing, costs, regulatory considerations and real estate liability.


Hillcrest is proud of our commitment to developing sustainable projects – both environmentally and economically. We purposely seek underutilized buildings in previously established areas – investing in areas where existing infrastructure offers resource savings and efficiency. When we repurpose buildings, our team focuses on the site’s impact on not just the future workers, but on the broader community in terms of energy, water, landscaping, waste, and wellness. Understanding the site’s broader role and full potential helps our team make better decisions for our buildings and our community.

Demonstrated Success

The listed projects demonstrate Hillcrest’s expertise in the redevelopment of polluted brownfield sites and the incorporation of sustainable elements. These projects represent a variety of different technical challenges, partnering government agencies, grant support, and industry awards. As of January 2016, Hillcrest has been awarded twelve grants totaling over $4.3 million, and received ten awards for redevelopment excellence. At these properties, we have created market value increases of over $15 million and also helped create over 1,200 new jobs.

Hillcrest is open to collaborating on properties that face unique environmental challenges.

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