About Us

Hillcrest Development, LLLP was founded in 1948 and is now a third generation company specializing in commercial renovation to suit our clients’ facility needs for office, hi-tech, biotechnology-medical research, light assembly, warehousing, manufacturing, and other commercial purposes.

All of our projects (over eighty to date) have been fully designed, developed, built, leased, managed, and owned by Hillcrest. Hillcrest has its own internal construction, leasing, and management groups. Hillcrest has enjoyed success in its business and renovation projects due to its hands-on approach toward redevelopment. Hillcrest invests its own equity up front into its projects, rarely utilizing outside financing. Hillcrest’s in-house development team consists of experienced construction, design, leasing, management, operations, and accounting personnel. This “hands-on” approach streamlines the efficiency of the projects and provides for a quicker occupancy for Hillcrest’s clients.

Hillcrest also owns Capitol Acceptance Corporation, which was founded in 1952. Capitol offers and sells Time Certificates at attractive interest rates exclusively to Minnesota investors. The funds are then utilized by Hillcrest for its various commercial real estate activities. Cash flow and profits from Hillcrest’s real estate activities provide the funds for payments of principal and interest to our loyal investors.

Hillcrest’s mission is to continue to be the dominant commercial re-developer in Minnesota, and to continue improving properties and the communities in which we invest.


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